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 by P. Perrone
"Ours is now over 8 years old and looks and performs like new! "

Dear Matt:

It was good talking to you the other day and thanks for the information regarding the rubber door bottom seals. As we discussed, I had some of the first major maintenance (staining of the decks and painting the interior) done on our home since we moved in. It is hard to believe that the Occupancy Permit was issued May 5, 2003, over 8 years ago. Getting ready for the painting required some preparation, such as moving furniture etc., and gave me an opportunity to see once again the quality of the construction. The woodwork and trim still fit like the day we moved in. All the major systems (electrical, HV AC, and plumbing) have worked flawlessly and have required ZERO repairs. I attribute this to the quality of workmanship and the selection and quality of the materials you used in constructing the home.

As I told you, most all homes look good the day they are completed, however, the real quality (or lack of) shows up later. Ours is now over 8 years old and looks and performs like new!

Very truly yours,
P. Perrone

 by D. Moorman
"Building this home for us has been a memorable and pleasant experience."

Dear Mr Yeatman,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team at Central Va Construction for helping make our dream of building a log home a reality. Your personal assistance from the beginning through final finishing was extremely valuable and appreciated. Building this home for us has been a memorable and pleasant experience. Your assistance in securing other subcontractors for specific task completion was very beneficial. All of your recommendations have proven helpful and effective.

You and your team did an excellent job of setup, plan interpretation, erection and weather-proofing. Your crews assistance in accepting delivery of materials from acquiring the forklift for offloading the flatbed to weather protection of the material was provided in a truly professional and efficient manner.

During the actual shell construction, the CVaC crew was a pleasure to work with and observe. They not only worked and cooperated effectively with each other but with my wife and I as we performed ancillary tasks such as staining the main beams prior to their placement. It made the entire building process more effective and flow very smoothly. Working under inclement weather conditions like 24 inches of snow did take it’s toll on the schedule but we honestly feel that your team did very well during these unusual periods. The kit went together very well and in accordance with construction manual. The accuracy of your construction during the erection process was certainly appreciated during our subsequent installation of the kitchen cabinets and interior finish trim.

Please forward our appreciation to Ron and the rest of the team for their efforts during the construction process. I can now appreciate why your organization was selected as representatives of the log home company. Keep up the good work. Please feel free to use us as a reference at any time. Thanks again.


D. Moorman

 by S. Cochran
"I want to thank you for the outstanding remodeling job"


Greg and I want to thank you for the outstanding remodeling job you did for us. We are happy with the finished product and impressed with how easy it was for us to work with you and your crew! We appreciate your expertise and your guidance through this entire project.

All our best,

S. Cochran

 by G. Cook
"Central Va. Construction Company is very professional. They take great pride in the work that they do."

To interested parties,

Last October I began searching for a builder to help me design and then build a home. I met with Matt and spent a great deal of time explaining what I needed and wanted in my new home. I also wanted to make sure that I stayed within my budgeted housing allowance. Matt worked with me well and had the plans and specifications for my new home drawn. We met and after a few minor changes, we had a deal.

Throughout the first stages of building I was consulted and felt free to ask as many questions as I needed to ask. Matt was more than willing to spend as much time as needed to be sure that I was happy. The process was actually fun.

Because of an unexpected change in my mothers health, I realized that I would have to sell my home that was my mother's home. Having that extra money allowed me to consider making a few changes that would enlarge my living area. It would require Matt to change some of the work that had already been done along with having another drawing of the house made for the architectural committee to approve. Matt was more than willing to help me make the changes. Again, the building of my new house was more exciting and stress free.

Now, I am about one month from moving into my new home. When I walk through and see that something needs to be addressed, I simply call Matt and leave a message for him. The problems are then resolved, even when it is a matter of me realizing that a plumbing fixture that I chose does not go with a lighting fixture that I selected. Matt always finds an easy solution that will keep me smiling.

Central Va. Construction Company is very professional. They take great pride in the work that they do. One of the many reasons why Central Va. Construction Company is so highly recommended is their determination to be sure that they make their clients so comfortable. This consideration and desire to make their clients feel so valued helps make the experience of building a custom house a wonderful memory.


G. Cook

 by M. Smith
"We have no problem recommending Central Va. Construction to anyone"

To Whom it May Concern,

On or about the middle of April 1997. Central Va. Construction began building a house for us. My wife and I had spoken to Mr. Yeatman on and off for more than a year prior to starting our house collecting ideas and information on different houses.

We told Mr. Yeatman we wished to act as General contractors. Doing a lot of the work ourselves while subbing out some of the smaller pans or the house. We told Mr. Yeatman this and asked if Central Va. Construction could frame our house and dry it in then we would take over, Mr. Yeatman had no problem with 
this arrangement and was very helpful in giving us names of suppliers and sub-contractors to use.

We have had a very good experience with CVAC, their work was excellent and we are very pleased with the results. Their work bas been complimented by our recent sub-contractors, local building inspector and friends.

We have no problem recommending Central Va. Construction to anyone considering a new home and will be glad to answer any questions


M. Smith

 by G. Purvis
"If we ever build another house, we would use them again."

To Whom It May Concern,

If you are thinking about building a home and are looking for reliable contractors, I would highly recommend Matt Yeatman and Ron Sanderson with Central Va. Construction. We moved up here from Georgia and they were recommended to us. We were in Georgia, getting ready to move up here, while they were up here building our home. We were 8 hours away and could only come up a couple times before we actually moved up here, so we needed to have someone we could trust to do what they said they would. Matt and Ron did everything we agreed on … and more! The price they quoted us was what the house cost.

Matt and Ron are men of integrity and when they said they would do something, they did. They did not try to add extra costs for their benefit. If something did end up costing more than they had originally quoted, they would always get in touch with us to see what we wanted to do. Getting in touch with either one of them was always easy. If they did not answer their phone, we would get a call back within 30 minutes. Both guys worked well with us but also gave us good advice on areas to save us money. We were also impressed at how clean they kept the property while building. We have built two other homes in Georgia and did not have near the quality that we had with Central Va. Construction. If we ever build another house, we would use them again.

In fact, we have been in our house for four years and just recently had them come back and build us a deck. We would be willing to talk with anyone that might be considering getting them to build a home. You won’t regret it!


G. Purvis

 by P. Perrone
Consider this letter to be a bit of a mid-course commentary and appreciation for a job that is going very well.


Dear Matt:

It is customary at the end of the project to write either a letter of congratulations or a letter of complaint to the contractor. After my visit to the job site this weekend, I feel compelled to jump the gun and write to you sooner. Now that the framing is essentially complete, you can get a good feel for the layout and the attention to detail in areas that will soon be covered up. The work I observed does, in fact, justify the slogan on your sign "quality still counts." There is lots of evidence of additional reinforcement in the framing, particularly where there are odd angles and odd cutouts. The window and door fit is outstanding. The quality of the window units looks great. As I mentioned to you before, the craftsmanship on the deck is superb.

Consider this letter to be a bit of a mid-course commentary and appreciation for a job that is going very well. Please pass on my great satisfaction to Ron for the continued outstanding craftsmanship he demonstrates.